For a long time I’ve been a mild submissive in bed without realizing what it was called. I read the Story of O many years ago and would be so aroused by what I was reading. I started amassing sex toys of various nature as well as different types of porn and engaged in sex without abandon. Sadly I was unable to have an orgasm via sex but could via oral sex or certain toys. At the time I also didn’t realize that was pretty normal for a woman. I also didn’t realize some of my toys could possibly be harmful to my health based on the material of the item. When I met my current boyfriend we had the best sex of my life – there was something amazing about us together! I had my first orgasm via sex and couldn’t believe it! Life intervened and we separated for a few years. He got back in touch with me randomly six years ago and we started dating. Our sex life is simply amazing and needless to say I haven’t looked back. I’ve always liked him to blindfold me or restrain me with his hands, cuffs, under the bed restraint system, etc. Recently we have started exploring other things and I plan to write about those here as well as give my honest opinions about toys we are trying. Enjoy!

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